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Artist Info

Áidna means The one and only,

Viimmat means Finally.

Behind the stage name is Anneli Guttorm;

a Sámi woman from Nesseby in East-Finnmark, currently residing in Tromsø.

Anneli has been working with yoik and Sámi culture for many years, and has now teamed up with producer/sound designer Kjetil Dalland (musician for e.g. Vamp, Boine and Drecker).

The result is a catchy and heterogeneous pop album containing 10 tracks, with the lyrics reflecting Anneli’s cultural background, the Northern nature and relationships between people. Viimmat reads along the line of longing folk yoik, soft pop and intense groove. The album also contains a powerful collaboration with renowned Sámi film and stage actor Mikkel Gaup.


Every composition, song and yoik sets its unique mood. With this album Áidna wishes to inspire, give purpose and move others; the same way others have inspired her. The music is composed by Guttorm and Dalland together. Anneli Guttorm is behind the text, vokal tracks and yoik, while Kjetil Dalland has played and recorded all instrumental tracks. Producer is Kjetil Dalland.

Sámi silver by Irina Bileanchi
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